Train Right Train Smart Train Forever

It’s hard to believe another month has passed by, training tempo is high and the days seem to string together. My 100 mile training cycle is in full swing, and my legs are feeling the pain of transitioning from sprint work to endurance training. My first priority after the sprint at Callaway Gardens was to perform a 10k time trial (which was actually suppose to take place the weekend of Callaway) as a base to my ultra marathon cycle. I was a little disappointed in my performance in the 10k, I am actually calling it two 5k’s back to back because I almost went down as a heat casualty in the middle of them. Minus the heat stroke, my splits were 20:19; 22:45 for a total of 43 minutes and change. Considering I ran a full 10k the day after a toughmudder, with a broken rib, and after I swam a mile, in the time of 42 last season… I was frustrated to say the least. However, a 43 minute 10k/ 20:19 5k was plenty fast enough for my upcoming endurance cycle.

Amidst, all the chaos of sprints, time trials, and introducing myself to the crazy world of cycling, I was somehow talked into competing at another sprint triathlon: Chattahoochee Challenge. The race was held over this last weekend (7/18/15) in downtown Columbus GA. My performance at the race was nothing to shout 11057329_1599993616994177_2259575913540234131_nabout, my body (legs in particular) was clearly fatigued from all the madness. The bicycle portion was the worst part of the race for me, but I had a strong swim, and my run was decent. I was able to sneak onto the age group podium for a 3rd place, and an overall ranking of 22nd. There were some phenomenal athletes out there and they did a wonderful job, I was just there to watch them dominate and enjoy the Georgia heat as I plodded along.

There is a lot brewing here with Ranger Smash; this year is teaming with races and different events. I was invited to participate in a Wounded Warrior Project triathlon clinic held at the National Training Center in Clermont Florida. I am extremely excited and humbled to participate in1524684_1599993640327508_3526928694449966740_n this event.

Although it seems to be a begrudgingly slow pace, I am growing as a triathlete day by day. As I do this, I am excited to no end about next season’s potential. I hope you continue to follow me along this journey. With my 100 mile race looming in the distant future, there are sure to be plenty of shenanigans to keep you entertained. If you would like to keep a closer eye on Ranger Smash please visit us on social media: Twitter @RangerSmash375; Instagram @RangerSmash375; and our Facebook page @RangerSmashExtremeEndurance, where you can interact with us directly.

Thank you for your continued support,





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