Hero Of The Week: Mark E. Wilson D.D.S.

Let me tell you about my friends at Mark E. Wilson D. D. S., not only do they inspire pure confidence in your dental care, they made a sizable donation on Wednesday to the Ranger Smash mission to help fuel us during our 2016 endeavors! My Dental experience makes for a long story, but I believe it is pertinent to my overall relationship with Doc Wilson. Before I came to Oklahoma, I had been traumatized by some of the worst dental misconduct that you can imagine. Sparing some unsettling details, my childhood experience was just a foreshadowing of the kind of Dental “care” that I would experiencphotoe during my time in the military. I am not afraid of many things in this world, but by the age of 20 I had serious anxiety when faced with sitting in a dental chair. This is no small admission from a man who finds parachutes unnecessary  when jumping from an airplane, and enjoys going to war with terrorists.

I first met Mark years ago while attending a local church in Pauls Valley, but I was still pretty wary of Dentists at this point. It wasn’t until I needed an emergency root canal, that I had been trying to hide/ suck up for years, that I really got to know Doctor Wilson. Due to the mind shattering pain, that I finally could not stand anymore, something had to be done. So it was, just after my 25th birthday, that I had the best dental experience of my entire life (yes I am indeed referring to a root canal). It was also the best birthday present I think I have ever given myself. Ever since this procedure in 2010, I have trusted my family’s dental care to Mark E. Wilson D.D.S. Respect, professionalism, and integrity are just a few of the values you will find prevalent at Dr. Wilson’s office. With his Wife Karen, managing the office: AKA “the boss”, and the rest of their incredible crew, it is a one-two punch that will leave a lasting impression with you and your dental health. I am honored to call them my friends and dearly appreciate their support of Ranger Smash Extreme Endurance!


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