U2.0 A Two Point Zero, USA Initiative

The biggest news in Ranger Smash history is about to unfold. . . As many of you know, long before my Ranger Smash endeavors/ ideas I was introduced to the world of Multi-sport through an organization called Sua Sponte Elite Race Team (SSERT). This team of Ranger-misfits was crucial to my entrance into triathlon because I was horrendously new to the sport and overwhelmingly isolated. Well, myself and 3 fellow SSERT brothers have recently been selected to participate in a National campaign for PTSD  and Veteran suicide prevention and awareness. This campaign has been dubbed U2.0. 



Through an incredible partnership with Two Point Zero, USA , Ray Asante and Lynn Perrando ,and many others, this small team and our Ranger story’s will be featured in Triathlete Magazine. The magnitude of this opportunity to represent these brands, this team, and Rangers in general could not be emphasized enough. I am humbled to my core, just to play a part in all of this. Please check out the PDF attached here: U2.0 INITIATIVE to learn more and stay tuned because there is much more to come from all of this.

We want this to be a National campaign with far reaching effects to those whom it may benefit. So please pass this along to your friends and  by all means follow along as we take on this exciting new journey together!



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